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This site is has a few uses. One to discuss futures trading for developing traders and those interested in futures, specifically SPX 500 and WTI CL.

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Topics on psychology, trading concepts and some general opinions that I can impart from my +14 year career as a Professional trader.

The second use is to discuss S&P500/WTI Crude trading as I see it relevant.

I don’t post daily charts/trade plans because I send those to subscribers, however, during relevant times in the market there are posts for that.

What this blog is NOT. - By no means is this a trade call service.

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Who am I?

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I’m a former proprietary futures trader who began in 2009 as a junior trader at a prop firm. My training at the firm was in trend following, market timing, Fibonacci concepts, flow-trading. My specialty was trading DAX, Crude and Russell 2000 futures while on that desk but slowly moved toward S&P500 and Crude only. I jumped around to a few spots after that: one as an analyst in equities and then as a PM for a L/S hedge fund running an event-driven and futures book for hedging/alpha generation purposes.

In 2014 I created an education company (by accident) which taught DIY traders and investors to trade within futures, equities and equity options. That company was sold and in 2018 I took 2 years off to consult to start-ups and invested in a turn-around.

Today I run Landshark Capital which teaches developing futures trader The Landshark Method. I live part time in Dorado and PT in Phoenix, AZ.

Relevant Links

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Disclaimer: This blog is presented for informational purposes only, is an opinion, and is not intended to recommend any investment, and is not an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase an interest in any current or future investments. Any such solicitation of an offer to purchase interest will be made by a definitive private placement memorandum or other offering documents.

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