ES & SPY Trading w/ Dan.

I post a daily market analysis of ES Futures & SPY with my trade plan and insights for the next trading day. That includes in-depth notes, relevant charts and other insights to how I trade with order-flow and market context.

Each evening there is a full recap that is sent out with clear charts and notes as well as some education and insights to help you become a better futures trader.

This blog is not trade advice or a trading signal but a tool anyone can use to learn more about futures trading, order-flow and to help their own research.

This can be an educational tool for you to learn or to add to your own analysis.

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  • Simple daily ES & SPY chart and trade plan sent every afternoon

  • Discussing the zones/levels with plan for trading them the next day

  • Daily insights to trading order-flow and other futures products

Who am I?

I’m a former proprietary futures trader who began in 2009 as a trader at a proprietary trading firm.

In 2014 I created an education company (by accident) which taught DIY traders and investors to trade within futures, equities and equity options. That company was sold and in 2018 I took 2 years off to consult to start-ups and invested in a turn-around.

Today I run Landshark Capital which teaches developing futures trader The Landshark Method. I live part time in Dorado and PT in Phoenix, AZ.

Relevant Links

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40 Minute Webinar on How to Develop as Newer Futures Trader Here.

Price Action Explained by a Trader I’ve Trained in Our Community Here.

Disclaimer: This blog is presented for informational purposes only, is an opinion, and is not intended to recommend any investment, and is not an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase an interest in any current or future investments. Nothing on this blog is to be construed as investment advice and is solely for educational purposes only.

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